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Chers Amis,

Depuis le mois de juin 2017, j'ai dû cesser mon activité de concertiste en raison de plusieurs problèmes de santé. Je prie de m'excuser ceux d'entre vous qui ont peut être cherché à obtenir de mes nouvelles sans y parvenir. Il est des moments de doute où il devient difficile d'en donner.

Je reprendrai graduellement le chemin des concerts à partir de la fin du mois de juin. En vous remerciant pour votre patience, je vous souhaite à tous beaucoup de beaux moments de musique. Tedi Papavrami
Sarasatte & Meister der violone - The Strad


Meister der Violone


Tedi Papavrami (violin)
Olivier Reboul (piano)

Oeuvres pour Violin 

Tedi Papavrami (violin)
Christophe Larrieu (piano)



The current crop of young violinists includes more than the usual num‑

ber evidencing impressive accomplish­ment and extraordinary potential.
Tedi Papavrami, 22 years old and a recent laureate of the Sarasate International Violin Competition, would seem to be high in contention among them, even though these two discs do not manifest the extent or musical depth of his reper­toire. In the
`Meister' CD his perfor­mance of Ravel's Tzigane reveals facility of the highest order, a warm tone coloured by a variety of vibrato speeds, big-scaled musicality and positive glim­mers of a personal style. Fauré's Sonata no.1 displays a developing sense of suavity and highly expressive phrasing, Reboul providing admirable collabora­tion. But it is in the Paganini Caprices that the full extent of Papavrami's virtu­osity is exhibited: no.24 (erroneously listed as no.22) in the Auer (uncredited) transcription with piano; no.6, the tril1­tremolo étude; and the cruelly challeng­ing no.4. These Caprices are as clear and brilliant as any I have heard since those recorded by Michael Rabin.

Tedi Papavrami: outstanding virtuosity

However in Bach's Chaconne, instead of an organ-like opening theme and overall grand conception, Papavra­mi's performance is riddled with clipped phrasing and burdened with an academic delivery, à la Mullova.

His Paganini/Sarasate CD, recorded when he was 19, is a cornucopia of bravura gymnastics and stylistic ingenu­ities featuring Paganini's `Nel cor più non mi sento' Variations, a dazzling Moto Perpetuo, and Caprices nos. 1,2,5,9 and 18 (the last particularly out- standing). The Sarasate comprises Zap­ateado, Habanera, Caprice Basque, Ziguenerweisen and the last three varia­tions of the Carmen Fantasy, including an immaculate final movement, stun­ning in its speed and clarity. Trois Dans

es Albanaises, a delightful, idiomatic pastiche by Alexander Pesci, lends added zest to the disc. HENRY ROTII 



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