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Chers Amis,

Depuis le mois de juin 2017, j'ai dû cesser mon activité de concertiste en raison de plusieurs problèmes de santé. Je prie de m'excuser ceux d'entre vous qui ont peut être cherché à obtenir de mes nouvelles sans y parvenir. Il est des moments de doute où il devient difficile d'en donner.

Je reprendrai graduellement le chemin des concerts à partir de la fin du mois de juin. En vous remerciant pour votre patience, je vous souhaite à tous beaucoup de beaux moments de musique. Tedi Papavrami
"Scarlatti" - par Jacques Drillon

Dandy-ism in music

In the transcription process, whose flamboyant austerity and
prodigious economy must indeed be rehabilitated someday—
not to overlook its historical importance, the  notion of effort
and difficulty enters in good proportion.

Transcribing means being in constant uneasiness; it means  opting for a situation of discomfort and frustration,  renunciation and impossible choices. Adding a simple doubled octave calls forth a whole world of hesitation.Transcribing means abdicating the sweetness of temptation. In  short, it is the opposite of orchestration, the cancer of  music and only a slippery slope, trend, inclination and  solitary vice: what could be easier than entrusting to the trumpet what sounded like a trumpet passage on the piano?  The best piano writing would pass there in an instant: the  orchestrator, in an act of disgusting munificence, would  distribute brass and strings, percussion and tutti (even  though, more talented than another, he might manage to give  to this quasi-American liberality the dimension of an  authentic interpretation: e.g., the Pictures at an Exhibition  by Ravel; or a general dynamiting: Bach'sRicercar a sei voci  by Webern.)

...And there is the whole transcriber; there is full elegance.  He takes everything upon himself, helping himself to a work,  perhaps, but effortlessly saves morality : how much does he atone  for his larceny!

... Tedi Papavrami succeeds, through the sole power of his  imagination and technique, to breathe the spirit of the violin  into keyboard music. Was it possible? It was possible: you  are holding the proof. (2006)

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